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10th and 12th Maths Solution Videos

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Hello everyone, here is the solution videos of 10th and 12th Standard Maths based on New Syllabus 2019. Watch and learn freely. If this is helpful, give a like and comment your thoughts below.

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10th Standard Maths Lesson Videos:

  1. 10TH MATHS CHAPTER 1 | Relations and Functions

  2. 10TH MATHS CHAPTER 2 | Numbers and Sequences

  3. 10TH MATHS CHAPTER 3 | Algebra

12th Standard Maths Lesson Videos:

  1. 12TH MATHS CHAPTER 1 | Applications of Matrices and Determinants

  2. 12TH MATHS CHAPTER 2 | Complex Numbers

  3. 12TH MATHS CHAPTER 3 | Theory of Equations

  4. 12TH MATHS CHAPTER 4 | Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  5. 12TH MATHS CHAPTER 5 | Two Dimensional Analytical Geometry

  6. 12TH MATHS CHAPTER 6 | Applications of Vector Algebra

Other chapter videos coming soon...

Stay with us. Nam Kalvi / Namma Kalvi

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